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Pressure sensor with the help of high speed microcontroller.

Salient features:-

1)     1MMHg controlling (resolution)

2)     Single & dual cuff tourniquets are available for all surgeries.

3)     Very reliable controlling system is used for perfect pressure.

4)     Rugged compressor.

5)     User friendly interface.

6)     Feathers touch keys.

7)     Very bright indicators.

8)   Highly stable & compact power supply, hence machine Can be used   anywhere, where voltage fluctuations are more.

9)     Inbuilt memory to store earlier settings.

10) Air leakage indicator to show air leakage in the cuffs & tubes.

11) Gradual pressure settings & gradual release system.

12) Online increase & decrease of pressure, timer, exhaust.

13) Beep after each 15minuts.

14) After presetted time is complete 1 minute extra time count is provided.

15) On completion of total sited time buzzer beeps continuously but pressure will be maintained at the same level, also it will not be released.

16) Cuff pressure will not be released on power failure.

17) Can be used with inverter power supply & generator.

18) Both hardware & software based exhaust available.

19) We provide 5 numbers of silicon cuffs (life time guarantee on joins) with machine.

20) Light weight machine, easy to carry anywhere.

21) Low power consumption.

22) Can be used for all types of patients (any physical condition)

23) Lowest risk to patient when compared with other machines.

Mechanical specifications:-

EXTERNAL BODY SIZE: - 9.5 inch (w) x 5 inch (h) x 12 inch (d).


Electrical specification:-

Input = 230 vac/ 50 Hz, with proper earthing.


Technical specifications:-

1)     Settable pressure range 50mmhg to 650mmhg in steps of 10mmhg.


2) On line setting allows online settings of cuff pressure, timer & exhaust.

3) Pressure resolution 1mmhg.


4) Timer safe mode 1 minute to 6 hours in 15 minutes steps.


5) Alarms beep after each 15 minutes, total time out, exhaust mode, &    air leakage mode.


 Operating modes visual indications:-


A:-air leakage in either cuffs or in the tubes.


O:-operating mode (normal operating)


T:-timer mode.


S:-setting of cuff pressure mode.


E:-exhaust mode. (Software or hardware)


 Memory: - all settings used in earlier session is stored

& displayed when machine is switched on again


 Cuffs: - 5 numbers silicon cuffs